Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sisterly Pride

In my family the women take center stage. Being surrounded by such smart, confident, powerful women is one of the many reasons I'm a feminist and then there's the fact that my father is one of the proudest feminists I know (that doesn't hurt either).

As some of you may already know one of my gorgeous sisters has a design blog that has become quite popular. In it she combines wit and humor with her ideas of style and design and added spects of her everyday life for good measure. She can decorate a room with her eyes closed and arms tied behind her back. I on the other hand am hopeless in the area (blow up furniture anyone?)

She has often joked that when she thinks of the three of us she is reminded of a scene from one of our very favorite movies Dirty Dancing. It goes like this:

Dad: Max, our baby's going to change the world.
Max (Looking at Lisa): And what are you going to do, missy?
Baby: Oh Lisa's gonna decorate it.

Lisa = my older sister
Baby = me and my younger sister

Recently, said younger sister was featured on the Huffington Post with her first op-ed. I couldn't be prouder! Her writing is crisp and clear and she delves into a very important topic that affected us both at our alma mater Boston College.

By denying access to contraceptive resources and restricting open discussion of reproductive health, Catholic schools are putting the sexual health of a significant population of sexually active young adults in serious danger. Students have sex, even on Catholic campuses.
Go check it out yourself!