Friday, October 3, 2008

Can I Call You Joe?

Tonight, Sarah Palin revealed that she is way out of her league and quite frankly possibly the worst Vice Presidential nominee in history. As she walked out to the stage she blew a kiss out into the audience and immediately asked Senator Biden if she could call him Joe, instantly setting the down-to-earth, home town vibe that she continued to jam down our throats throughout the 90 minute debate. She repeatedly emphasized her desire to speak straight to the average American people – all the Joe six packs and hockey moms out there – although she was unable to directly or clearly answer any question asked of her. She may have filled her speech with folksy language like “darn,” “straight up,” “you betcha,” and “we’re gonna,” not to mention personal mannerism like winking at the camera (yes more than once), but her desire to talk straight to the American people was overshadowed by her over-rehearsed and robotic delivery. Her lack of experience was evident too, 5 weeks and counting, as was her ignorance, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan is David McKiernan not Gen. McClellan.

All in all it was not a good night for the Republican Party, but that doesn’t mean the race is over yet. There are still 32 days and countless undecided voters to sway, and you betcha were gonna do our darndest to get their votes!