Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Roe and GGR Reversed!

What a week for reproductive rights! Just one day after blowing out the candles on Roe v. Wade’s birthday cake we now have yet another reason to celebrate – the reversal of the Global Gag Rule!

AT LAST - we finally, finally have an ally in the White House and it feels great! In just one of his first days in office Barack Obama has begun the long journey of undoing the damage of the last 8 years and women around the world have reason to celebrate!

Cecile Richard’s post on Huffington Post offers a great perspective on the impact of this important step and the more importantly, what more needs to be done and why:

“In the long term, women's health must be a priority not just in theory but in practice, and across the board. Expanding access to family planning is not only good, basic health care; it saves women's lives.”

Let us hope that Obama will not stop here but continue to put to practice his support of women’s rights.