Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great GGR editorial!

I came across this great editorial in the LA Times this morning about the reversal of the Global Gag Rule.

Congress should make it law that this country will fund abortion services as part of its international health aid....
....We're glad to see the pendulum swing back again, and we expect this to be just a first step toward correcting years of ineffective, moralistic policies that sought to roll back reproductive rights at the expense of women's health. Access to safe and legal abortion is one of those rights; better yet, when women have ready and affordable access to contraception, abortion rates drop. The best scenario would be congressional action that positions this country for the long term to favor global health over ideological convictions.
I couldn’t agree more - health should always come before ideology! It’s a good thing we finally have a President that thinks so too.

Check it out!