Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Equality Now Challenges Sale of RapeLay Game

The sale of a computer game, RapeLay, that simulates rape (yes seriously) in Japan is being challenged by Equality Now!

This game is absolutely appalling! I wrote about it a while back on Care2 and was shocked when I discovered the gruesome details of the game - repeated rape, forced abortions, gang bangs, sexual slavery. All of this is the name of "fun" because after all this is a game, right? What kind of a sick game is this and what kind of a sick person would play?

AHHHHHH! Violence against women and girls is not a game. Trivializing the issue in this matter is reprehensible and only serves to perpetuate the problem, not to mention the slap in the face it gives to the thousands of women that are victimized by sexually violent crimes every year.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is angry and even more glad that Equality Now has taken the initiative to challenge the sale of the game and all forms of hentia in Japan!

Read more at Care2 and learn what you can do to help!